ALL QX TELECOM SERVICES WILL TERMINATE ON 7TH JUNE 2022, as we are leaving the Telecom market.
Please contact spang[at] if you have expired points/credits and need a refund. All credits/points will be CANCELLED after 15-Jul-2022′.

You can use our service to call UK 0800/0808 and US 1-800 using your FREE minutes* by:

  1. Dial 03704370800
  2. When our system answers, press using your phone keypad
    • Either 0800/0500/0808xxxxxx# (end dialling with #) for UK free phone number
    • Or 001 800xxxxxx# (end dialling with #) for US free phone number

and wait to be connected.  DO NOT press the Green ‘Call Button’ again (for mobiles).

*03 number is a landline number. If your phone tariff includes free call to landlines (01/02/03 numbers), then calling to 0370 437 0800 is free. Otherwise, you will be charged the same price as calling any other landline numbers.

Calling 084xx/087x numbers via QX Call prepaid account with low Access Charge rate.

With QX Call, you pay only 7p Access Charge (AC)* for calls to 08xx numbers up to a 13p rate Service charge (SC).

*BT charges 30p/min for Access Charge (AC) to 08xx numbers. For enquiries or further information, email [email protected].

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