Dear Customers and Friends,

It is with sadness that I am writing to inform you that the QX Telecom network has now closed on Friday, 10th June 2022, after 21 years of operation.

Over the years, demands for the service have gradually dwindled and the current very challenging economic conditions is the last straw that has pushed us to end the operation.

We understand that many customers still have QXDial+ points or QX Call credits left in our system.  While according to the terms and conditions, the QX Dial points have nil cash value. As a goodwill gesture and to thank you for your support, provided the account has more than 555 of unexpired points, we will redeem the points for cash.

Final date for us to redeem unexpired QXDial+ points and  to refund unexpired QX Call credits is 15th July 2022. After that, all points and credits will be cancelled.

Please contact spang[at] (or if you encounter any problem to contact us via email, by Whatsapp to +447903868230), to arrange a refund/to redeem the points.

Schedule of closure

Network closed on 10-June-2022
All points redemptions and credits to be completed by 15-July-2022.  After that, unused and unredeemed points, and not refunded QX Call credits will be cancelled.


Please allow me to close this notice with a massive thank you to you all, our customers, for being such a loyal group of friends through the years. We owe our past success to you, and we are indeed very grateful.

Kind regards
Steven Pang
QX Telecom Ltd