UK 0800/0808 Free (Fone) For Free

To call freephone number (0800, 0808 numbers) using your mobile / home phone free minutes, you would:

  1. Dial 03704370800
  2. When our system answers, press using your phone keypad
    • Either 0800/0808xxxxxx# (end dialling with #) for UK free phone number
      (sorry, access to US 1800 is no longer available).

      Do not press the Green ‘Call Button’ again otherwise the call will go through your mobile operator.

Your mobile phone/home phone operators will only see calls to the 0370. 01, 02, 03 numbers are normally included in your mobile/home phone package. So you can simply call freephone numbers using your free inclusive mobile minutes!

Please note that if you don’t have free minutes (such as prepaid phone), you will be charged the same rate as calling any other landline (01, 02, 03) numbers.

Furthermore, you can earn 0.1 QX Convert & Call points per min for calls to 0800/0808 numbers if you are registered on the QX Convert & Call system and use the 0370 437 8888 access number. You can register by dialling 0121 317 0220 press 5. (This call is automated and lasts about 10 seconds.) The points can then be used to ring International numbers (mobiles and landlines) and even 08xx numbers!

Call to numbers that begin with 01, 02, 03 normally come out of your mobile free minutes.