About Us

QX Telecom

QX Telecom Ltd is a company registered in England, Registration No. 3820728 and have been trading since March 2000. We specialise in telecom products integration and we can offer tailor-made telecommunication solutions which best meet your needs. We have access to many telecommunication products provided by tier 1 telecom companies which enable us to provide customised services for individuals and businesses.

Our products includes long distance phone calls via direct dial through, calling credit, international call forwarding, etc.

Below is the summary of our products & services

QX Call is a prepaid account that allows you to make a long distance call cheaply and conveniently. You will need to sign up for this service. We offer a competitive rate on many destinations.

QX Dial is a service that allows you to dial international numbers using inclusive minutes from your phone package or at the price of a UK National Call by simply dialling one of our access numbers. There is No Sign Up, No Risk, No Bill and No Commitment.

QX Convert & Call is a service that enables you to call more destinations, home or abroad, using your inclusive minutes from your package by converting them into points first. With points, you have the freedom and flexibility to call more destinations at cheaper rate with just one access number.