QX India - 0870 437 0437 | 0845 198 2016

With QX-India, you can now call India for free using your bundle minutes if your bundle allow calls to 0845 198 0199, 0870 437 0200 numbers. If not included, call cost 7p/min to 08451980199 and 13p/min to 08704370437 plus any applicable Access Charge your mobile/fixed line operator may levy.

What is this service about ?

QX Telecom Ltd now allows all Indian mobile and landline to be called via access 0870 437 0200 or 0845 198 0199 number at all times.

How do I use the service ?

(a) Dial our access numbers
Dial 0870 437 0200 or 0845 198 0199 from any phone

(b) When the system answers, dial 0091xxxxxx and wait to be connected

How much does the 0870 and 0845 number cost ?

The cost for the 0870 is 13p/min + Access Charge but this may be included in your bundle minutes such as on Post Office Home Phone with Anytime, Virgin Home Phone, EE monthly with 08MINS200 add-on, EE (old tariff only) or some fixed line packages. Do make a short test call to check that it is included before making longer calls. You will be charged by your provider once our system answers your call.

Can you give me a 0800 / 01 number to call India?

Of course, but you will have to pay for the call charges using a credit/debit card, currently at 3p/min using 01635 access or 4.5p/min using 0800 access. If this option is suitable for you, visit QX Call for more information on how to sign up.

Any further questions?