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Other Access Numbers

There are 3 services within QX Dial+:

  1. QX Dial+ Fixed (F). With this option, you can store a fixed number of minutes each time with one call, no option to select. The default value is 120 mins, except for the 01635 number. The minutes will be stored against the same phone number (CLI) that you are using. If you want to store to a different phone lines permanently or you want to transfer certain number of credits to different phone lines as a one-off basis, you can send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the phone number you are calling from and the phone number you want to store the credit against. You may be subjected to an admin charges of 5 QX Dial+ points per request.

  2. QX Dial+ Standard (S). With this option, you can select how many minutes you want to store. You can store your minutes against different phone lines, etc. Basically, you can manage your own QX Dial+ points at your fingertip. The number to dial is 0844 574 0101 (Call cost 5p + any applicable access charge) or 0872 043 0101 (Call cost 10p/min + any applicable Access charge) (please refer to the table below for complete list) and you can enter following options:

    a) 200: Duration of minutes you want to store in 3 digits, e.g. 050 is 50 minutes. The minutes will be stored against the phone number you are calling from.

    b) 201: To store minutes against different number. For security reason, you need to call 0844 574 0120 for 1 minute (until you hear new account created message) from the phone you want to store, so we have your number in our system. When you select this option, you can enter this number and all the minutes you store this time will be stored against this target number.

    c) 202: Balance enquiry. This option will tell you how many minutes you have stored. Alternatively, if you dial 01635 774 302 and press #, your balance will also be read back to you.
    d) 203: Store credit against default number. To set up a default number, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the phone number you are calling from and the phone number you want to store the credit against.

  3. QX Dial+ PIN (P). This option is exactly the same as QX Dial+ Standard (S) except you need to enter PIN number each time you access the system. The system doesn't auto-recognise you based on your phone number (CLI), but your PIN number. This is suitable for you if your telephone system doesn't send out CLI or you want to be able to identify yourself using PIN number instead of phone number.

PLEASE ensure that you read the Terms and conditions of the service before using the service. By using the service, you imply that you agree to the terms and conditions of the service. 


Call cost 10p/min + any applicable access charge.

Storing access Number
QX Dial+ points earned per connected minute
Peak hours
(Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM)
(Mon-Fri, 6PM-8AM)

S - 0844 574 0101
P - 0844 574 0103
F - 0844 574 0120

5p/min + any applicable access charge.
1 point 1 point 1 point

S - 0871 957 0101
10p/min + applicable AC
3 points 3 points 3 points

S - 0872 043 0101

(Call cost 10p/min plus applicable A/C)
P - 0872 043 0103

(Call cost 10p/min plus applicable A/C)
F - 0872 043 0120

3 points 3 points 3 points

S - 01635 774 303
P - 01635 774 301
F - 01635 774 320

1/10 (0.1) points ( Mon-Fri 8am-5pm only. 0 (zero) point other time.) NA NA

S - 0845 198 0201

P - 0845 198 0211

Call cost 7p + applicable access charge.
2 point

S: Standard, P: PIN based, F: Fixed Duration (120 minutes, except for 01635 is 300 minutes).


Access number
to make call


0800 009 11 31

0800 009 11 33
(with CLI for UK calls)

Free phone number. 0.5 point will be charged on top of standard rate.
01635 774 302
Standard rate applies for this access number. It is suitable if you have an unlimited landlines package such as Orange Racoon, O2 Long Weekend, Vodafone Free Weekend or Stop the Clock or just a way to call 01/02 (Landlines) cheaply. This access number comes out from mobile bundle minutes.

0845 1980202
Call cost 5p/min + AC

Please note: Do not press the green button/send/call again when you finish dialling the international/national number as by doing so will cause the call to our number to be put on hold and cause you to make call to the international/national number DIRECTLY over your mobile phone network, which can be expensive.

If you believe there is a destination that you really want to call and our rates is not competitive, please let us know (email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the query form at the bottom of the page) and cite evidence and we will see what we can do.  If you and many of your friends want to call, sometimes we are able to lower the price by promising our supplier with significant call volumes (the price would of course revert back to where it was if this does not materialized...)

Tell your friend or Email yourself a copy of the instruction


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Further Questions

We understand this is a fairly complex service and would be more than happy to answer any question. We will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


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Please try not to use or yahoo email address if possible as our replies are frequently being misclassified as bulk mail.  If you are going to use hotmail or yahoo email, please also check your bulk mail folder as we usually reply within 24 hours.

Register for notification

You do not need to register your email in order to use this service. However, as this is a fairly advance service and charges to 0870/0844 numbers may change, it may be useful to fill in the following short form so that we can notify you of any changes.


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