QX Convert & Call

QX Convert & Call (formally known as QX Dial+) is a system where you can convert your inclusive/bundle minutes into points and spend them on calling UK and international destinations (including more expensive ones) for FREE.

Why convert inclusive minutes to points.

  • Flexibility. Convert those weekend inclusive minutes to use any time.
  • More destinations. Points can be used for calling more destinations even those that are not covered by 0870/0845 access numbers.
  • Increase your talk time. You can talk up to 3 times longer on some destinations such as USA when using points compare with direct dial through service.
  • Points never expired.* Convert those unused inclusive minutes and use them at a later day.

If you are calling international numbers (or even UK numbers) and you have access to phone packages that includes 0870 and/or 0845 numbers such as Virgin Home Phone, Post Office Home Phone with Anytime call package, pay monthly EE contract with 08MINS200 add on, this is a great service for you. This service will save you money and give you the freedom and flexibility to call more destinations at cheaper rate (or FREE) with just one access number.

To Convert minutes to points

You can convert your minutes to points by calling 0870 and 0845 numbers below. The system will assign the duration of the call up to 55 minutes and will attempt to disconnect the call automatically. You must check that it is disconnected correctly.

Access numbersPoints earnedCost
0870 437 02203 points/minIf not included in the inclusive/bundle minutes, 13p/min + your phone's company Access Charge
0845 198 00552 points/minIf not included in the inclusive/bundle minutes, 7p/min + your phone's company Access Charge

We also offer advance feature to help you manage your account such as using PIN instead of your phone number (CLI) to identify you. The advance feature also allows you to spend points collected on any registered numbers or by using the PIN system. For example, you might want to convert inclusive home phone minutes and spend them on your mobile. For more details, email us on [email protected]

The points collected can be spent immediately. To calculate how long you can call with points, simply divide the points you have collected with points required for the destinations using the table below. For example, if you have accumulated 100 points and you want to call India, you would be able to talk for 100/1 = 100 mins.


Select your destination from the drop down menu below to see how many points are required for your destination. The call is charged PER SECOND (exception applies such as calls to UK numbers that begin with 084/087 and some numbers that begins with 07) and the points NEVER EXPIRE*

Other UK mobile network such as, but not limited to numbers beginning with 07406, 07417, 07559, 078221, 07893 are not supported

Destination Points required

There is a minimum charge of 1 minute to Gambia (due to the charging structure imposed by Gambian operators) and UK 08xx number. AC = Access Charge, SC = Service Charge

*Accounts that are completely dormant for over 6 months will be deleted together with the points to conserve system resources.

To Make a Call/Spend points

To make a call, just dial

  • From landline : 01635 774 302 or 0800 009 1131**
  • From mobile: 01635 774 302 or 0800 009 1107**

When the system answers, enter the destination you wish to dial such as 00886xxxxxx#. If you misdialled, press ## to redial.

**0800 access will have a surcharge of 0.5 point/min (from landline) OR 1 point/min (from mobile) applied to all destinations.

If you convert your minutes to points using PIN method, then dial 01635 774 301 and enter your PIN number. After the prompt, you can enter the destination you wish to dial.

If you prefer direct dial through access numbers such as 0870 or 0845, CLICK HERE.