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Service operated by QX Telecom Ltd, Registered in England 0382078.  Incorporated since 1999.
VAT No: 787339377 
Licensed by UK Department of Trade and Industry. ISVR license number TCBB/C/2/122
Feedback/ Customer Service and all queries : (preferred contact)
Phone: 0870 119 0222 

Q X Call


Now QX's 0871 28 78 100 allows call to all  INDIA  for just 10p/min 
Now QX's 0844 584 0100 allows call to all 
PAKISTAN from 2p/min (from O2) (5p/min from landline) during eve and weekends.

If you wish to try out our service, you may try out our 0871-dial service which runs on the same system as QX Call.  You can call many European, American and Asian destinations for just 10p/min (from landline but may cost more from mobiles. ) No  signup needed. All you need to CALL NOW is to :
(1) Dial 0871 28 78 100 and then 
(2) Dial  00+CountryCode+Tel.No.
(see our  0871-dial website for list of permitted countries. On BT, NTL, Telewest, H3G, T-Mobile, call to 0871 28 78 100 is charged at 10p/min and this is ALL that you pay. We then receives part of the 10p back automatically via UK telecom interconnect arrangement and hence allow us to fund the call.

Payments are processed securely via Barclays Merchant Service 

Website last updated 09/07/2006
Call International In 3 Simple steps
RATE DROP:  Pakistan inc mobile : 7p/min, India inc Mobile : 7.5p/min, Thailand inc mobile: 3p/min

1. Dial  one of the following access numbers
  • 0800 949 6675 [or 08000 144 134 for QXCall2 users] if you are calling from normal BT/Telewest/NTL lines.
  • 0208 150 0035 [or 01277 770 300 for QXCall2 users] if your calling plan allows free or fixed cost call to normal 01/02 landline numbers (e.g. Vodafone StopTheClock, BT Together, NTL Unlimited national call plan, T Mobile plans, Orange plans etc]
  • 0870 334 3370 if you are calling from OrangeED50/Talkxx (old plans) and from O2 mobile.
If called from a Payphone, a further surcharge of 10p/min on top of the 0800 rate will now apply.

2. Enter your PIN number. You can skip this step if you have registered your phone number  with our network. PIN number details and Instruction of phone registration are given at sign up. (Instruction to register your CLI is provided with your welcome email). 
Your credit balance will be announced to you. If you are not yet a QX Call user, you may use the "Signup/Order" link on the left to get an account today !  

3. Dial the phone number as you would normally dial, e.g. 00 + Country Code + Phone number and start talking clearly.  It is that simple !

Please look into the  following RATES TABLE to find the rate that is applicable to you. The rate you see is All that you will pay to QX Telecom Ltd.  The reason we charge a 2p 0800 surcharge is because while 0800 is free to you, your phone company will charge us to carry the call from your phone to our telephone exchange in London.


Please feel free to email us at if you need advise. It will usually be helpful to us if you can state the phone company you are using (e.g. BT, T-Mobile,. Orange etc).


R A T E S (pence/min)
Applicable 24x7. Billed in 15 seconds interval.

  • Select your destination and the rates will be shown in the following boxes. You may also access the Full Rate Sheet here.
  • In general, if you have a normal BT/NTL/Telewest landline, look at 0800 access rates.  If you ring from T-Mobile/Vodafone mobile or can call a London number for free (e.g. BT Together UK Call option),  then look at 0208 access rates which is 2p cheaper than 0800 access rates. If you usually ring from Orange/O2 then please look at 0870 access rates which is 3p cheaper than 0800 access rate.
  • Depending on your telephone service plan, calls to our access numbers (except 0800 from fixed lines) may be charged by your telephone provider at the standard rate to call these number range (e.g. 0845 at local call rate etc). The following rates are what QX Telecom Ltd charges you. 


0800  Access
Payphone 0800

Why QX Call 

  • OPEN Your Account Online now in 3 simple steps
  1. Click on the "SIGNUP/ORDER" link on the left. Minimum opening amount is just 10. Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo cards accepted. (Online banking and cheque are also accepted. Please email us.)
  2. Fill in your details. Click on Submit and then click the "Click Here to Pay Now" button. You will be asked to enter your card numbers on a secure server.
  3. If payment is successful, a receipt will be emailed to you immediately. Your access PIN number will be emailed to you within 4 hours and you can start talking cheaply !
  4. To top up, simply click on the Top Up link on the left and go through the process similar to the above.
  5. The charge on your debit/credit will be shown as "QX TELECOM LTD".
  • No connection and no expensive payphone surcharge.
  • Billing in 15 seconds increment, not per minute
  • Clear and Good quality line. You may try out our  service using our 0871-Dial service which requires no signup.
  • Calling credit never expires.

Ask us a question... we are here to help. 
We usually reply within 4 hours.


Your Email : 
Calling from:

  • Customer Service - 2 hours email respond time during weekdays and 12 hours respond time during weekends. Need help ? Just Email
  • Phone : 0870 119 0222 (Line is opened 12pm-9pm Mon-Sat. We encourage you to email us as we are able to respond to your question more accurately and efficiently.) Freefone 0800 customer service customer is provided to you when you register with us.
  • Fax : 0870 119 02222
  • Report a Fault : 
    Please include :
    (1) The message or tone  that you hear 
    (2) The access number you use / destination you dial
    (3) Your account number or registered email address.
  • Complain :
  • Account is usually activated between 20 min - 4 hours during weekdays and same day activation is guaranteed. Account opening/top up during Sat/Sun  are usually processed every 2-5 hours.

Tell a Friend and Get Up to 10 Credit FREE! 

Just tell your friend via the Tell Your Friend box on the left and when your friend signup and quote your email in the "Where Did you Hear From Us" box, we will credit your account with 20% of the signup value as  free credit - i.e. if your friend signup with 20 credit, we will credit your account with 4 ! The email address quoted MUST  be the same as the email address you used to signup with QX Call. An email will be sent to you when your friend signed up to confirm that the bonuses have been paid. 
* We reserve the right to vary this offer and not to honour this offer on fraudulent signups.






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