QX Convert & Call Terms and Conditions

QX Convert & Call and QX C&C is used interchangeably.
By using this service, you agree to be bound by the following terms. Law of England shall govern this agreement.  

QX Telecom Ltd reserves the right to modify, change or withdraw the service at anytime without giving any notice.  You agree not to use this service in any fraudulent, illegal or malicious way. We reserve the right to vary destinations, reject/disconnect fraudulent calls without prior notice and without giving any reason. Call charges by your provider may vary from time to time and you should check with them before calling. You must have the permission of the person who pays the telephone bill to use this service.

We are under no obligation to supply this service to anyone and may, at our sole discretion, refuse to provide any service to anyone.

Disconnection of a call in QX C&C System – While our system is setup to attempt to disconnect a call after the assigned duration, it is not possible to guarantee that all calls are always disconnected at the specified time due to various technical reasons. The announcements and tones will assist you to detect that the call is still in progress.
You are therefore solely responsible to ensure the call is disconnected correctly. By using the service, you agree that you are solely responsible for ALL call charges that you incur.
You must also agree that QX Telecom Ltd cannot be held responsible for any potential, direct or indirect losses that you may suffer as a result of using or not using services provided by QX Telecom Ltd.

If you can prove that your call lasted longer than expected, generally, we would credit your account with QX C&C credits equivalent to the FULL duration that of the call. We do so at our discretion and our decision is final.

We reserve the right to modify prices and terms of this service without giving any notice.  There is no expiry date for credits accumulated but if an account remains inactive for more than six months (i.e. dormant), its credits may be forfeited. 

The service is not meant to be a continuous service and while QX Telecom Ltd will make reasonable effort to ensure the availability of this service, QX Telecom Ltd makes no warranty about the availability of the service. You agree to accept the fact that as we ultimately rely on parties that we contract to complete a call, call may not always connect. Under such circumstances, we will make a reasonable effort to rectify the issues but we may not always be able to rectify these issues as it may involve factors beyond our control.

By using this service, you agree to indemnify QX Telecom Ltd against all direct or indirect looses to the maximum extend permitted by Law of England. 

You also agree that our maximum liability to each customer is limited to £50.

All points you have stored in QX Telecom Ltd system has a cash value of 0.0001p. E&OE.