QX Dial (0870-Dial 0845-Dial)

QX Dial is the service that allows you to call International numbers using INCLUSIVE/BUNDLE MINUTES on your mobile/home phone or at the price of a UK National Call by simply dialling one of our access numbers. There is No Sign Up, and No Commitment.

QX Dial Access numbers

To use the service, find your destination from the drop down menu below:

  1. Dial the access number shown.
  2. When our system answers, press using your phone keypad the number you wish to dial such as 0091xxxxxx# and WAIT to be connected. If you misdialled, press ## to redial.
Destination 084/087/09 Access Number + AC*

0870 numbers are inclusive in the Virgin Home Phone call package such as Talk Weekends (Weekends only), Talk More Anytime.

0870 and 0845 numbers are inclusive in Post Office Home Phone with Anytime call package.

If you have pay monthly EE mobile contract, you can text 08MINS200 to add on 200 mins each month to call numbers beginning with 084 or 087.

Some old EE tariff may include 08xx numbers.

As a guidelines, if the destination you want to call is 13p/min or below, you can use 0870 437 0 437 instead if you have a phone package with inclusive 0870 numbers only.

If you have a phone package with 0870/0845 numbers included and want to call more expensive destinations using 0870/0845 numbers, QX Convert & Call is the service for you.

If you don’t have a phone package with inclusive 0870/0845 numbers, you may want to open QX Call prepaid account. We offer competitive rate and credit doesn’t expire.

*Access Charge by your phone’s company, only applied if the access number is not included in the call packages.

Please note that the information is provided in a good faith and your phone company can change tariff anytime. So, please check to ensure that you have a correct package. Also, you can make a short call and check the bill to test if the number is inclusive in your package.

You can compare all QX Services, obtain the access numbers or compare rates by country you want to call.

PLEASE ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions of the service before using the service. By using the service, you agree to the terms and conditions of the service.